Cyber Security

protect your most critical data

You've probably heard the stories...businesses are under attack. Criminals are breaking into networks and accounts, accessing privileged information, and extorting business owners for massive amounts of money. Faced with a can't win situation, some businesses are simply closing their doors.

Is your business at risk of being compromised?

Wanting to sleep better at night knowing your business is safe?

Looking to qualify for or increase your cyber security coverage?

We're here to help. We start by understanding your network and IT infrastructure, and then work with you to create a plan. Defending your business from cyber attacks is an ongoing process, so we'll provide measurable steps to ensure that your network is being protected and monitored going forward.

Increase Your Cyber Security
& Protect Your Business

Cyber Security Planning

We meet with you to understand your current IT set-up, determine where you may have vulnerabilities and come up with a plan to increase your cyber security coverage.

Threat Defense

We have various tools that we put in place to increase your threat defenses by beefing up the security of your computers, email and networks.

Patching & Monitoring

It's critical to keep your systems updated with the latest security updates from Microsoft. We'll create a strategy to get this done, so you can rest easy.

Email Security

Email is critical to our businesses each day, but it's also the most common way that businesses are compromised. Our email security tools will drastically reduce your vulnerability to email based attacks.

Antivirus / Firewalls

Every piece of information going in and out of your network passes through your firewall. Our antivirus and firewall tools and strategies will keep you systems safe, and your network clean.

Back Ups

What is your plan when an employee deletes a file accidentally? What if a hacker deletes all of your files? We'll create a plan that will cover all of the possibilities and keep you running.

"Our company was growing quickly and we realized we needed help from someone with a better understanding of today's security landscape. Cam and his team at Connect Solutions were recommended to us and have been the solution we needed. They ensure our data and network is protected, that our team can work efficiently with the tools they've provided, and that help is only a phone call or email away."

- Mark Paxian Diverse Properties