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With today's high internet speeds, the cloud has become a reliable and convenient way to access, share, and backup data. Many businesses even host their entire workforce's virtual computers and servers in the cloud! If you've got an internet connection, you can get the cloud working for you.

So what do we mean when we talk about "the cloud"? It's really just a fancy way to describe a server (or group of servers) connected to the internet that are working for you. Those servers (or the space or resources they provide) can be used by your business in a number of different ways.

They key to using the cloud effectively is understanding the needs of your business and then implementing the right combination of services to achieve your goals. With the proper security settings in place, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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Why move to the Cloud?

Work Remotely

With today's modern workforce, your team could be working in a number of different places. Utilizing the cloud makes it easy, allowing you and your team to access files and information wherever and whenever you need them.

Team Collaboration

Whether your team is in the office or working from home, it doesn't really matter. Team members have access to shared data and communication tools, ensuring everyone's on the same page.


A significant benefit of utilizing the cloud is that it scales well. Got a new employee? We'll just add an extra license. Need more space? We'll increase your storage. As you grow, the cloud grows with you.

Data Loss Prevention

The cloud makes backup easy. With the tools we provide, it's easy to have multiple copies of your data, in case something goes wrong. With the flip of a switch, you and your team are back up and running.


Our cloud based security and backup tools will ensure your business keeps on running, and that your data stays safe.

  • Managed Online Backup keeps a copy of your data where fire, flood, and theft can't reach it
  • Email backup keeps an archive of your email mailboxes with easy access to critical messages and information
  • Email security software integrates with your email system to scan email for incoming spam, malware, and phishing attempts.
  • Gateway security ensures that all traffic going in and out of your business is scanned and safe before it gets to your team

words from our clients

"Technology plays a critical role in the success of my business, and Connect Computers Solutions has been the answer I was looking for. Their knowledge, integrity and professionalism lets me know that the technology aspect of my business is in good hands. I recommend them to anyone looking for that same confidence."

- Marcel Nadeau Canadian Tire Chilliwack